• Preventing Teams from caching your tab

    I was developing a Teams tab recently and noticed that the Teams client was caching my static content. So even when I made updates to the React frontend and reloaded the tab, Teams would show the cached version instead of the updated version. After some digging, I came across a way to prevent Teams from caching my pages.

  • Programmatically adding Teams apps to meetings

    In addition to surfacing Teams apps within teams and chats, you can now add apps to meetings to enhance the meeting experience for participants. Meeting organizers can add apps to meeting using the Teams client, but there are cases where you may want to add these apps programmatically.

  • AAD login page in iframes

    If you try loading the Azure Active Directory (AAD) login page inside an iframe, you’ll likely encounter errors due to defensive measures taken by AAD to prevent clickjacking attacks. In short, a malicious site could load the login page in a transparent iframe, overlay it on top of some dummy UI elements, and trick users into granting it access to the user’s data.

  • Multiple Cursors in Visual Studio Code

    Programming using multiple cursors had always been a mystery to me. I had seen it before when digging through editor settings, but I had never bothered to actually try it until recently. Now I use it every day, and I keep finding new ways to speed up otherwise tedious tasks.

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